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What Stack is this Site Build On

27 September, 2019

I decided to write a short post listing the tech used to create, build, and host this site. At the time of posting, the follow frameworks and tools are being used.

Other things I would like to add to the site include a testing framework (like react-testing-library) and a component-based styling framework (like Emotion or Styled Components).

Back To Blogging

27 August, 2019

Well...I'm back at it. It has been years since I've done any blog posts. In fact: the old blog is long gone and I have no copies of those old posts.

So why start blogging again? Really it just comes down to taking public notes, for myself, that I can go back and reference. I'm constantly Googling and re-Googling the same 'How to' articles and I've found over the years that I retain far more information on a topic if I write it down. I may also post articles about things that I'm working on with the blog (updates to gatsby and its tooling, etc).